Crown Point International Airport (TAB) serves the tiny island of Tobago.

Several major carriers offer direct flights to Tobago from the United States and Canada, as well as Europe throughout the week. At other times a connecting flight from nearby Piarco International Airport (POS) on Trinidad, or from Barbados might be necessary. Tobago is about a 25-minute flight from Trinidad and generally around $50, and about 45 minutes from Barbados.

The Crown Point airport has an old-world feel, and while there are several shops and places to eat, it certainly lacks some of the finer amenities of large modern airport. With the islands beauty there is no reason to spend any extra time at the airport anyway. Rental car services and taxicabs, as well as tour buses are available at Crown Point

In addition to flying to reach Tobago, visitors can arrive on the island by ferry. There are two fast ferries that run daily. “The Lynx” and “The Cat” can carry more than 800 passengers, and up to 250 cars. The travel time is about two and a half hours from Trinidad, and this can make for a pleasant ride on the normally calm waters of the Caribbean. These ferries run throughout the week beginning at 6:30am, and the last trip is typically around 5:00pm. Travel times vary by day, so confirm the schedules ahead of time, and don't rely on the online schedules.  Additionally - prepare yourself for a possibly 'rough' ride.  If the waters are rough - this can be especially miserable, however motion sickness medications may be helpful. 

Be aware of Tobago's  policy on camouflage clothing or anything remotely looking like it. If you arrive wearing anything looking like camouflage, it will be confiscated,