Need at least 3 nights  to experience Trinadad. Stay at least 1 night/ 2 days in Tobago.

Must see in Trini:


  • Brian Lara Promenade/ Indpendence Square
  • Cathedral of Holy Trninity
  • Shopping district
  • Mahatma Gandhi Square
  • Red House 
  • Woodford Square
  • Queens Park Savannah  (Get a drink at Kapok hotel after the walk) 
  • Nighlife - there is one street with a ton of bars/res/clubs
  • Stumblin - Eat doubles 

One day for:

  • Maracas beach - eat Bake and shark. Check out the Fort on your way

One day for: 

  • Hindu temple
  • Pitch lake 
  • San Farnando market