Trinidad’s best shopping is going to be found in Port of Spain, the commercial and cultural centre of the island. Upscale shops and galleries share space with street vendors, bazaars and thriving international markets selling both goods produced in the country and items shipped in from around the world.

Frederick Street is Port of Spain’s premiere shopping thoroughfare, a narrow street lined with malls and shops and clogged with pedestrians and vendors hawking their wares. Street vendors, who sell a whole range of colorful goods and local handicrafts, often change foreigners higher prices. All things considered, though, the total cost of the whatever you will buy won’t break the bank, even if you’re not paying the same price as the locals.

The city’s Central Market is another bustling shopping destination, particularly during the festival times. Then, locals and visitors alike flock to the market to browse through its array of produce, clothing and crafts. Though you can find some great deals on the latter items, tourists are probably better off admiring the tantalizing consumables rather than eating them.

For a more standard shopping experience, you can check out Stecher's in Gulf City, which is known for its luxury items, or The Market, a trendy complex in St. Ann featuring more than 20 boutiques.