The single major festival in Trinidad and Tobago which is recognized throughout the world and which not only draws tourists to the area but also excites locals is Carnival.  This festival is a multi-cultural event which takes some of the attributes of Mardi Gras, some of the party style of Spring Break vacations, some of the dance entertainment of the Caribbean, and some of the musical influence of the slavery days and turns it into a festival not to be forgotten.  Detailed information about this annual spring time event is online at .

Other annual events which occur in Trinidad and Tobago include:

  • Eid-Ul-fitr is celebrated by Muslims in the area during the spring.  This sometimes coincides with Carnival, in which case it is overshadowed.  However, when it does not coincide with Carnival, there are often entertaining events to celebrate it.
  • Major world holidays which are celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago include Christmas, New Years, and Easter.
  • May 30th is Indian Arrival day which is a time during which the slaves brought over from India are recognized.  More information about the history of slavery there is online at .
  • Independence Day for the area is at the end of August.
  • Divali is the Hindu Festival of Lights which is celebrated in the fall.