The major mode of public transportation in Trinidad and Tobago is the bus system which is called the Public Transport Service Commission (or PTSC).  This bus system is run by the local government and more information is available at their official website ( or the official tourism site for the area (

In the last two years a concerted effort has been made to improve the bus service which is on par with bus travel in other islands of the world,  The bus schedules have been widely expanded including a useful " Around Town Service" in Scarborough, Port of Spain, and a weekday hourly Airport service to Port of Spain. A fleet of new buses are now in service, with comfortable seating and air conditioning so travel on them is comfortable. The fares are ridiculously cheap and more of both the local population and visitors are using the service -  an inexpensive method of seeing the islands. Tickets are needed - purchase them at outlets or the bus terminals before boarding as no fares are accepted on board. 

An even more inexpensive method of seeing the area is by foot.  Whenever travelers have an opportunity to walk, they should.  This gives them the best chance to take the most time to truly see and experience what is around them.  The pace of life in Trinidad and Tobago is slow and visitors appreciate it more when they have the chance to stroll around and see what there is to see.  Safety can be a concern at night, however, so visitors should avoid walking alone at that time.  Taxis are preferred at that time.


Undoubtedly an asset for citizens and visitors alike, the inter island fast ferry service provides two high speed catamarans operated by the Port Authority of T&T  its web site shows the current month/s schedule at (

  A reliable and efficient daily service, operates 7 days a week, sailing in both directions at 630am and 5pm, with some additional sailings on busy days (always check the schedule) and later sailing times on weekends. 

Tickets are sold in advance at authorised ticket outlets throughout both islands. Full list is available on the website. Same day tickets alone are sold at the Terminal - on a stand by basis. There are plans to begin online ticket sales in 2013. The one way fare for an adult passenger is heavily subsidised and costs a mere TT$50.00 The journey is 2 1/2 hours or more depending on the sea conditions. 

Frankly, during the so-called "winter" months the seas [say between October to April] can be turbulent and the journey in the direction from Port of Spain to Tobago can be rough for non-sailors! Take sea sickness tablets (on sale at the cafe in the terminal) and stay off oily foods ... sit at the back of the ferry and go to sleep! The reverse journey from Scarborough to Port of Spain is usually a breeze.

On weekdays there is a Water Taxi service which operates between Port of Spain and San Fernando targeted at commuters, easing cars off the highway. Not operated on weekends or holidays unfortunately.