Trinidad and Tobago are islands which enjoy mild to warm weather all throughout the year.  This moderate temperature can sometimes feel warmer than it actually is due to the high levels of humidity in the area. However, visitors should know that the water surrounding the islands is always generally warm enough to enjoy so visitors getting frustrated by the humidity can get in to the real water of the area and forget about the water in the air.

The rainy season is during the last half of the year, beginning in June and continuing on through December.  This does not mean that it rains throughout the last half of the year but rather than when rains do occur, it is during this time, rather than during the beginning of the year.  Usually, storms come in only sporadically.  However, these storms can be intense and visitors should keep an eye on local weather when traveling in the area.  Trinidad and Tobago are not at great risk of hurricanes, but they have been hit before, so visitors should also be aware of this risk.

Updated weather information for the area is available online at Yahoo Weather ( ) or Weather Underground ( ).