There are a few methods of public transportation available to visitors to Bequia, which can be used for getting around the island as well as to neighboring islands.  These options include “Dollar Vans”, boat taxis, car taxis, and ferries. 

            The Dollar Vans are the island of Bequia’s replacement for buses.  These vans are the least expensive way of getting around the island, and they go to many of the popular tourist beaches and town areas.  They are generally crowded, and can be hailed at the side of the road (just ask which direction they are headed).  Otherwise, for route and timetable information, visit the Tourist Office in town.  Fares are generally EC$1.

            Taxi boats are available at a few docks around the island, such as the Gingerbread dock and the Frangipani dock.  The boats will take passengers to certain popular destinations around the island.  For more information, inquire at the local Tourist Office. 

            The taxis on the island are pickup trucks with covers over the back.  Bench seats line the bed of the truck, and these taxis can take numerous passengers at one time.  There are multiple Taxi Companies around the island.  Taxis can always be found in Pt Elizabeth under the central "Almond Tree".  Any business Owner will be more than happy to call one for you and they meet each ferry like clockwork. These local drivers are an excellent source of info about the island, it's beaches, hotels, restaurants etc.

            Ferry service is available from Bequia to some of the neighboring island such as Saint Vincent.   For more, check out this Ferry Information page.