St. Vincent is a small island without need of an extensive public transportation system. Of course, when tourist season rolls around, the need increases. On the island itself, taxis and buses are the main modes of getting you where you want to go.

Taxi fares are regulated, but drivers will often try to squeeze more out of you. Some drivers double as guides if you make it worth their while. On the island, they are cheaper than rental cars by far. Less expensive than a taxi, however, is the mini-bus service, but these buses are often crowded. Then again, riding the bus can be a good way to immerse yourself in local culture and color. A simple hand wave at an approaching bus driver will alert him to your need for a ride.

A number of ferry services are available to transport you from St. Vincent to any of the Grenadine Islands you may wish to visit. It may be worthwhile to hire a tour guide if you want to island-hop.

There are also inter-island airlines, such as Mustique Airways. This can be a good idea, if only taken once, to afford a splendid bird's eye view of the island colony landscape. Check the website for information on reservations, flight schedules, and even private charters.