No trains, but boats, planes and automobiles will get you around St. Vincent and the Grenadines in short order. There are also privately-run transport and shuttle services for hire to get you to the islands.

If you decide to rent a car, be aware that roads in St. Vincent are narrow, with sharp curves, steep inclines, and no guardrails. These conditions and the lack of signs makes travel at night especially unwise. You can obtain a driver's permit at the local Licensing Licencing Authority upon presentation of a valid driver's license. Purchase of insurance is required. Remember that driving is on left side of the road.

Though the government sets fares for taxis, the taxis are not metered. It is therefore best to discuss rates with the driver beforehand to prohibit fare hikes on unsuspecting tourists. Even at government-set rates, taxis are expensive.

For transport to the Grenadines' many islands, a number of ferry services are in operation. Inter-island flights are also available. Once on the islands, car rental is the best option, though, should you opt to use the services of a tour company, you can forget such concerns.