St. Vincent has some of the best diving in the Caribbean, and provides beginners and advanced divers with lot's of great diving. The main island boasts over 30 named sites, and only one third of the leeward side of the island is dived on a regular basis, the other two thirds are dived periodically by the two dive shops on the island.

For the past 20 years or so Dive St. Vincent has been the only game in town. Specialising in Critter / Muck diving catering for the macro mob Bill and his crew provide divers with a no frills dive operation. Indigo Dive, now in operation for two years, has decided to provide a full service dive operation, where the diver is king, and no request, within reason, is turned down. Dives are tailored to the divers requirements, fresh fruit, snacks, and a selection of cold drinks are offered between dives. The equipment is  well maintained and clean, the shop is tidy, well stocked and there is even a dive shop fridge stocked with goodies! Located at Barefoot Marine Center the shop has a bath room with self contained shower facilities, and a bar and restaurant right next door! What more could a diver ask for.

Should you be planning a dive holiday to St. Vincent, or just looking for a dive or two whilst you are there take a look at Indigo Dive, you won't be dissappointed!