The public bus system in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a little odd to say the least. The routes and schedules can be a bit difficult to understand. And many of the buses are actually just mini-vans with a pre-set fare. The down side is that this is the main way for locals to get about as very few own cars. The ride is affordable and thus the buses and vans can be extremely crowded. To get a bus you can hail it down, like you would a taxi. Some of these run on semi-regular routes and the driver will tell you if he’s going your way!

The other option is to take a taxicab. Finding a cab generally isn’t too much of a problem and they’ll be available in the town centers and at most major destinations. You can also call ahead of time to arrange a car, and they can be “hired” by the hour. The government sets the rates, but drivers do try to add special fares, fees and other taxes if they can. Negotiating is expected if the driver attempts to increase the fare. Just be sure to agree upon any fare before you begin your trip.