The public transportation on Nevis consists of community buses; they are all privately owned and operated, but they are licensed by the government.

The buses are convenient, very inexpensive, and easy to use. How do you recognize them? They are nicely-maintained, shiny, new-looking vans, each one of which is decorated with a fanciful name on the front. The never-fail way to tell is that all the buses have a GREEN license plate which starts with the letter "H" or "HA" .

TAXI: yellow T or TA plates..... BUS: green H or HA plates, & name.

These buses are operated by individuals in the community, and they run according to demand, therefore they don't have a fixed schedule that you could look up somewhere.  However, at the times of day when the local people need to get into town or back home again, you will see that the buses run very frequently. The bus driver will gladly stop anywhere at all on the main road to pick up a passenger or drop one off. Let the driver know where you need to go when you get on the bus. If your hotel is off of the main road, you can even ask the bus driver if he will drive you up there as a detour: if the driver is willing it will cost an extremely small extra charge.

The buses are fun and they are a great way to experience West Indian culture, including sometimes some loud music! However, there is no bus schedule, and even though the buses are frequent during the morning when people like to go to market, and in the afternoon when people want to come home from market, buses can be a bit few and far between in the middle of the day or in the evening, and don't run at all after 9 pm.

To get a bus to stop for you, (or to hitch a ride from people, which is quite acceptable on Nevis), stand anywhere at the side of the main road, and when you see a vehicle coming, just wave your hand in a downwards motion. Many ordinary people are very kind and will stop and pick you up if they have room for you.  If you flag down a bus but it beeps and drives past you, it simply means that the bus is too full to take on any more passengers.

Taxis or rental cars are the more luxurious way to get around, and rates are in line with other Caribbean destinations.  To order a taxi or to find out how to get a rental car, just ask your hotel front desk or whoever is in charge where you are staying.

Of course a pleasant way to travel is simply to go on foot; Nevis really isn't that large, so walking is often a good option. You may be able to walk along the beach to where you want to go, or perhaps instead you can walk beside the road, or roads. Renting a bicycle is another possibility.

It can sometimes be very interesting to walk along trails which were roads in previous centuries, such as the "Upper Round Road" on Nevis. The Upper Round Road trail goes all the way from Golden Rock in the southeast of the island, to Nisbet Plantation in the northeast. You may need a guide to help you find your way on this trail, as not all parts of it are quite clear.