...Only in Nevis can you visit the birthplace and childhood home of Alexander Hamilton, overlooking the water. It's now a very good museum of the history and natural history of the island.

  ...Only on Nevis can you eat dinner or have tea in the elegant plantation Great House where Horatio Nelson's wife Fanny, and her first husband's family (the Nisbets) used to live.

  ...Only on Nevis can you stay on a lovely, green, almost round island, with a steep central volcanic mountain covered in rain forest, wreathed at the top in white clouds. The mountain makes a dramatic backdrop to almost every photograph you take, and the very attractive coastline of Nevis will probably also feature in almost every photograph you take.

  ...Only on Nevis can you still see, and feel, and be in contact with, the wonderful old Caribbean as it used to be, back when Nevis was "Queen of the Caribbees", and yet still have the comfort and service of staying in well-equipped superb elegant hotels, either modern or historic.


  ...Only on Nevis can you sit in complete safety and comfort, eating lunch surrounded in peace and nature, while watching volcanic activity taking place on nearby Montserrat.

...Only on Nevis can you see wild monkeys on the golf course, turtles swimming right near town, chickens walking though an outdoor bar, goats eating someone's flower garden, ground lizards delighted to get a piece of french fry, fishermen selling multi-colored fish straight from the ocean, bananaquits and bullfinches stealing sugar from your breakfast bowl...

...Only on Nevis on a clear day can you see three other Leeward Islands in one direction, and sometimes up to four other islands in another direction, including one small, steep and rocky, uninhabited island which was named by Columbus, which is only inhabited by goats, but which is now claimed as territory by more than four rival "Kings": one English, one American, one Italian, and one Spanish!

  ...Only on Nevis can you be checking your e-mail one minute and then turn around and notice a beautiful small cannon from 1650 the next minute.

...And, only on Nevis will you find so many visitors who have fallen in love with the place and keep coming back.