The language of Nevis is English, and basically it is the British variety. There is a strong local Caribbean accent, and there are also dialect words and dialect grammar which may be unfamiliar to visitors, however, local people who talk regularly with tourists always try to make sure that they are easy to understand.

When saying hello to people that you don’t know, it is more polite to use the English forms: "Good morning", "Good afternoon", "Good evening" and so on, rather than the American, “Hi!”. Nevisians in general tend to be very polite, and they are happy to meet other people who also have good manners.

Nevis culture has a strong religious foundation. Cursing in public is against the law. Nude bathing and topless bathing are not permitted. Beachwear is fine for the beach, but in public places it is not considered appropriate to be dressed in skimpy beach or resort clothes, such as short shorts or halter tops.

Please be sensitive to the fact that a lot of Nevisians are shy about being photographed. Please do not snap pictures of local people, their children, their homes or their personal property, without politely asking permission first. 

Nevis is so very beautiful that even without disturbing people you will be able to go home with armfuls of lovely images.