The nightlife in George Town is fairly muted; the people of the Cayman Islands pride themselves on their British ties and tend to have more conservative social attitudes than many other places in the Caribbean. There are, however, several nightclubs and bars that have lively crowds in the evenings, such as The Matrix, Bobo’s Iguana, The O Bar and Chameleon. However, all clubs are required by law to close by 3am, and none are open on Sunday.
If you want to blend in with the locals, remember to order rum drinks, as this is the most popular beverage on the island. Also bring home some specialty goods from the Tortuga Rum Company, which makes famous rum cake and sells rum blends.

The peak tourist season in George Town is winter, not summer, which may be a better time to go anyway, as summer is prime hurricane season. The last major hurricane to sweep through the Cayman Islands was Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, which cost enough wreckage to stop tourism for two months. Some businesses on the islands are still recovering from damages.

Shopping in the Cayman Islands is duty-free, meaning you may bring as many goods out of the country as you like. Visitors from North America also do not have to pay customs taxes on any goods they purchase in the Cayman Islands, making this an ideal place to stock up on luxury goods like watches, jewelry, fine china and perfumes.