There are a lot of things to do in the Cayman Islands during the day. Since it is an island chain, a lot of these activities have to do with the water. There is some great deep-sea fishing to be had in the waters in and around the Cayman Islands. You can usually charter boats through either larger companies or smaller boats run by single fisherman. You can go either all day or for half the day, but it is usually smarter to go for the whole day because you really get your money worth that way, many of these charters offer a diverse mixture of activities beyond deep sea fishing so check further to see how they can customize your expedition. There are also a lot of water sports that you can do if you are hanging out on the beach. Jet-skiing, parasailing, kitesurfing, dviing/scuba, snorkeling and kayaking are just a few. You can also just hang out and relax by the ocean and tan for a few hours. Afterwards, depending on where you're staying on the island, you can take a walk into town and do some shopping at the markets. There are always merchants out selling their goods, and you can usually bargain down prices. There are a whole bunch of jewelry shops where you can get very good products for relatively cheap prices. If you are a with a family and want to see some of the island, you can take a tour of the islands and see some of the wildlife and vegetation.