The Cayman Islands have a great deal of activities that will be fun for the entire family. Grand Cayman has the most things to do, and since it is a popular destination with cruise ships, there are always tour groups and other activities taking place. Most obvious when it comes to family travel is the beach. Hanging out with family and friends on the beach for a day is a great way to relax and enjoy your stay. You can go swimming and do a bunch of other activities while you are there, and this will help keep the kids occupied as well.

In West Bay is the newly developer Boatswains (pronounced "boh-suns") Beach park. Formerly simply the Cayman Turtle Farm, you can still see the turtles, but this is a massively upgraded park with fantastic facilities, including a massive swimming lagoon where you can swim with tropical fish.

Most districts of Grand Cayman also have lovely new family parks which are great for kids to explore. They are also participants in the Blue Iguana trail ( ), a fun collection of iguana sculptures painted by local artists and located around the island. A fun way to explore the island and "catch" the iguanas (on camera, of course!)

In the Eastern districts is the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park ( ), definitely worth a visit and also home of the Igauana captive breeding programme.

Also take advantage of other tours and attractions, such as the Thriller (an offshore powerboat tour!), Atlantis submarines and semi-sumersibles, Cayman Kayaks (mangrove and bio-luminescence tours), and how about the Black Pearl skate park and wave pool(, featuring one of the biggest skate parks in the world (and a favourite of Tony Hawk!), and a huge wave pool.

Plenty to keep the family busy, but for the "l'il uns" don't underestimate the power of the beach, which can keep them amused for hours!