Road Town, having been under the rule of the British crown for so long, is still decidedly English in its culture. Most people speak Anglicized English and cars are driven on the left side of the road. However, the official currency is the US dollar. Credit cards are also widely (though not universally) accepted in Road Town. If you use traveler’s checks, be aware that there is a small stamp duty on them.

Within Road Town, taxis, biking or walking will get you to most places. However, a charter plane ride or boat trip is a must when visiting Road Town, as these transportation methods give some of the best views of Tortola Island. If you hire your own boat or car, make sure to get a permit. Driving permits, which cost about $10, are available from the Traffic Office or car rental agencies when you show a driver’s license from your home country. Cruising permits for small boats are available for about $2-4 per person per day, depending on the season. Permits are also required for fishing (issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour: contact at 284-468-3701 x2147) and bringing pets into the Islands (import permits are available from the Department of Agruiculture).