There are options galore when it comes to sports and activities in and around Marigot, St. Martin. The beautiful beaches provide the perfect place to stroll and in the water, the coral reef makes a snorkeling and scuba-diving paradise.

The visibility underwater in St. Martin is excellent ranging from 100-200 feet. Nearby in Grand Case, the Octopus Diving and Activity Center runs diving expeditions and offers rentals. Exploring the coral reefs or even ship wrecks are a major draw for this activity. Aside from diving they also run snorkeling expeditions with rentals and private boat trips.  Of interest to many would be that they can book pretty much any activity on the island (fishing, windsurfing, jetski, horseback riding, tours, etc) so you can schedule your holiday activities to maximize your time on the island.

But aside from diving, surfing, jet skiing, fishing, sailing and basically all ocean activities you can imagine are possible in Marigot. For more information visit the city's online tourist board.

Hiking is a great way to see the island and get some sun with exercise. There are 25 miles of hiking paths in St. Martin.

There is only one golf course on St. Maarten (it is on the Dutch side) in Phillipsburg at the Mullet Bay Resort.

Horseback riding is made even more fun with the beauty of beach rides and tropical paths. Bayside Riding Club located in Orientale is the best place to get your horseback riding adventure started.