Fort Amsterdam dates to the mid 1600s when the Dutch set it up on the western side of the Great Bay, now home to Philipsburg. Signage is limited. Access is from the LIttle Divi Resort which is a gated community, west of Philipsburg. Just tell the guard that that you are visiting Fort Amsterdam. He will raise the barrier and advise you to park and walk up to the Fort. It's not accessible by wheelchair. If you use a cane, note that the final stretch is up a moderate incline on a dirt path covered in scree.   The location provides a gorgeous vista and there are benches near the old stonewalls of the fort which are pierced by openings for cannon. There's also a modern building, dating to about 1920, which housed communications/radio equipment. If you continue toward the water on the path cut from the long grass, you find a mimalist nature trail with native plants including cactus that were in flower when in late October. There's another bench which provides even a more beautiful view of the sea and a view of brown pelicans diving for food. It's not a treasure trove of history but an interesting, relaxing way to spend a little time away from the madness of cruise ship crowds.