A new nature park has opened on the Dutch side – The St. Maarten Bird Park.  It is on Bishop Hill Road, near the b order of the French Side in Lower Prince’s Quarter.  The street is directly opposite McDonald’s on the roundabout.  Drive about 100 feet and it is on the right.

The park is all new and has not only birds but a collection of tropical plants and an island history room.  The tour includes all three and is well guided for only $10.  Emphasis is on the medicinal plants and their natural healing qualities.

The birds are on the smaller parrot species – conures, Senegals and the like, with about 100 in the free flight aviary.  They give you a cup of seeds and the birds land on it and give you a close look as they feed.  They are not aggressive, except to nudge each other to dip into the seeds.

There is also a children’s play area and a snack bar with beer and other beverages.  It is a great visit for an hour or two.