Many visitors rent cars upon arrival to the Soufriere area.  Cars are most often rented at the airport from one of the major car rental companies which maintain an office there.  Major car rental companies preferred by many visitors include Avis (, Hertz ( and National (  However, there are also local car rental companies, such as Inter Island Car Rental and CTL Rent-A-Car.  Additionally, guests can opt to rent such other vehicles as jeeps or motorcycles.

Car rental for a standard compact car is approximately $50 per day when rented at a weekly rate and slightly more expensive when rented by the day.  However, rates do vary between companies so travelers are encouraged to check with their company of choice for updated rates.

Visitors who rent cars in the area are reminded that a temporary driver’s license will need to be obtained for driving in Soufriere.  All that is required to obtain this license is a current driver’s license from the country of origin and a small fee ($54 e.c./$22 u.s. dollars).  Visitors are also reminded that driving in Soufriere is on the left side of the street, driving while under the influence is illegal and seat belts are mandatory.

Taxis are available for those travelers who do not wish to rent a car.  There are taxi stands located throughout St. Lucia or visitors can have their local hotel staff call a cab for them.  Many taxi fares are set by the government, but always ask in advance.  Trips to the airport in Hewannora run at $60 U.S. and to Vigie in the north $70 U.S.

Herod's Taxi's are highly recommended to use in St Lucia, Herod, Fabrice or Joseph can be contacted on 00 1 (758) 719-6986.  The company is trustworthy, friendly, reliable and punctual and a great knowledge of the local area. 

Taxis are available at the Soufriere waterfront,  where the water taxis also operate.   Operators often recommended are Herod's taxis tours telephoe Fabrice on 00 1 (758) 719-6986 , Junior's Taxis, Christopher Taxi Service 484 1927.   Ask  before your trip to save money on airport or shopping / sight seeing tours.  Taxis are not metered.  All charges should be agreed upon up front. Traveler's are encouraged to search forums for more taxi / tour recommendations. Airport transfers should be $70 or less.