Soufriere is a beautiful island destination with weather which can be enjoyed by guests all throughout the year.  Many guests find the weather to be preferable in the winter, because it is not as warm as it is during the summer months and it is generally less likely to rain in the winter.  The average summer low temperature is approximately seventy five degrees and the average summer high temperature is approximately ninety five degrees.  It has been known to climb over one hundred degrees during the summer months.  Summer is also the rainy season in Soufriere, which means that it can get humid.  Some guests find this to be uncomfortably, although guests coming from warm or moderate temperatures in other parts of the world often say that the breezes coming off of the water make the heat barely uncomfortable.  The summer evenings in Soufriere are gorgeous so visitors who are planning a summer vacation around other annual events should not be deterred from coming to the island during this time.  Still, winter is the preferred time for visitors to come to the area.  The average low temperature in the winter is only sixty five degrees and the average high temperature is approximately eighty five degrees.  This means that Soufriere is a perfect winter getaway which travelers can use to escape the cold in other parts of the world.