Tourists often worry about their safety when traveling to a foreign destination.  They wonder if they are going to be victims of theft, if they require vaccinations for unusual diseases and if they can drink the water at their travel destination of choice.  Soufriere visitors should calm their fears.  Soufriere is a safe destination which does not require any special precautions.  However, common sense should always be used when traveling.

Soufriere visitors are unlikely to become victims of crimes during their stay in the area.  Soufriere is not a place where public transportation is frequently used, and public transportation is the number one place where foreign travelers generally encounter trouble, so the major tourist safety problem is eliminated.  Travelers are reminded to always stay aware of their surroundings and to keep an eye on their belongings but there is no need to be overly cautious during a Soufriere vacation.

Visitors require no special immunizations or vaccinations for coming to the area.  They can feel free to drink the water and should enjoy the local foods without concern.  That said, it is often recommended that travelers heading to any new destination drink bottled water and that isn’t a bad rule to follow even though the drinking water is safe.  Other standard precautions travelers should take are those related to sun safety, as it does get hot and sunny in the area.  More information on sun safety is online at .