Like all Caribbean islands, St. Lucia has an abundance of great seafood and fresh fruits. The islands interesting past makes for some great culinary dishes today. The major cultural influences come from Indian, French, and Creole--this last one meaning that you'll find a jar of hot sauce at just about every table. 

It's always good to eat as the locals do. The national dish of St. Lucia is saltfish with green fig, cooked with bananas. This may not please the wary right off the bat, but there all the other fish favorites like tuna and mahi mahi will be found on menus.  Some mouth-watering specialties of  St. Lucia include:

  • tatiri --small fish grilled and fried and eaten whole
  • dasheen--taro
  • pepper pot stew
  • callaloo soup
  • fried jackfish

Fruits and vegetables that are cultivated and thus, very popular to the cuisine in Castries, St. Lucia are sweet potatoes, coconuts, pineapples, guavas, mangoes, papayas, and passion fruit. With all of these great drinks, you can bet on terrific juices and superb cocktails. St. Lucia is known for its rum so don't leave without trying Chairman's Reserve, a cask-aged dark rum, and Crystal Lime, a clear rum infused with lime. Beer drinkers should go for the "Piton", large beer.

Restaurants make up for where nightlife falls slightly short in Castries. The major resorts all boast top-notch restaurants but many tourists love checking out the locally-loved, plantation restaruants that offer cheap but great eats.