An island as beautiful as St. Lucia offers an overwhelming amount of off-the-beaten path excursions. In fact, St. Lucia is arguably the Caribbean's most beautiful isle and so plan to spend adequate time outdoors exploring the natural beauty.

For starters, check out the National Rainforest which has over 19,000 acres of land including those jagged mountains the island is so known for. Wildlife is present in any rainforest and in this case, make sure to watch for the gorgeous St. Lucia parrot, known as the jaquot.

On the other side of the island near Soufriere are the Pitons, which is ultimately St. Lucia's most recognized landmark. The Pitons are two twin-peak mountains climbing 2,000 feet into the island air.  While you're near Soufriere, also check out Diamond Falls which is a beautiful and mineral-rich cascade where France's King Louis XVI had once built bathhouses for his troupes. Finally in this area, Sulphur Springs was once an active volcano. Today it is a crater that you can swim in! For more of the landscape but in a controlled environment, the Latille Gardens provide a sanctuary of flowers and tropical plants.

St. Lucia has many biking, walking, and hiking paths as well, make sure to check with a tourist board to see what areas are safe and open during your stay.