St. Lucia is known for its love of music and much of nightlife is based on this passion. Other than a few bars downtown, most of the action revolves around the major resorts. Nevertheless there are bars with live music performances, street bands playing local music such as steel drums, all in competition with the resorts making nightlife entertainment available throughout the week.

For those who love to get out and dance, there are several dancing clubs in Castries and a variety of music types. The Green Parrot is a colorful nightspot that, on certain nights features entertainment revolving around limbo dancers, singing and dancing, and costumes to play the part. Banana Split on St. Georges Street, can lead to wild nights and often has live entertainment. To relax with a cold beer, Mel's Tavern is a favorite featuring many English choices such as fish and chips.

Jazz and music fans should try to plan a visit to Castries during the St. Lucia Jazz Festival which takes place annually in May. This festival has grown leaps and bounds and is now referred to as "the biggest party in the Caribbean". It truly is a party and every street is alive with music. It has become so big that it is the reason St. Lucia has a place on the map for some people.