Castries is a major city and will keep people of all ages entertained; whether swimming in the ocean, sightseeing downtown, visiting the new high-tech Our Planet centre or even catching a flick at the AMC Cinema. Although the backdrop of this island is incredibly romantic, St. Lucia is a hotspot for family travel.

Families should take advantage of the numerous resorts in Castries that are geared toward guests of all ages. There are many resorts to choose from and some have more family plans than others.

  • Splash Resorts' Club St. Lucia has family packages and programs for each age group. Trained nannies are on site to take care of children. Kids enjoy the non stop action of their Splash Kids programs which includes, "Olympics", painting, excursions, crafts, and videos.
  • Almond Morgan Bay Resort also has an extensive kid's programs. There is a nursery on-site, kids club and kids sports activities, dance lessons, craft sessions, story readings, and more. 
  • Windjammer Landing is another fabulous family resort. Their Jacquot Fun club give the kids their own holiday while allowing parents to "do their thing".  Various tour companies dutifully tailor their products according to your needs.

Aside from the kid programs, the ocean, beach-lounging time, and swimming pools, St. Lucia is full of family-friendly excursions. Horsebackriding is one of the most popoular and should please everyone. Trim's National Riding Stable is located just north of the city and does trail rides, shoreline rides, and some packages include horse-drawn carriages and barbeque parties.

The brand new Our Planet centre in La Place Carenage has a wide range of activities for kids of all ages. From interactive floors for the younger visitor to interactive games on large touchscreens, the largest mirror-sphere in the world and a replica planet installed by NASA showing all the latest weather trends and finally the great theatre experience with lasershow and special effects.

As you can see, families have a lot of freedom when it comes to what to do in Castries. There are so many activites available that kids and adults alike will enjoy the relaxing and quiety beach time all the more.