Private Tours.


If you have a tendency to itchy feet after sitting on a beach for too long, you can arrange tours of  St Lucia.  

  1.  Private Land Sea Tour. There are several companies offering this service on the Island, Which can be customised so as to not get lost in the Cruise Crowds at some of the more popular spots. Start in the morning and drive, with sight-seeing stops included, to the North of the Island, where the 'Sea' bit starts. You can cruise past Pigeon Island, view most of the West coast resorts, go through the Tunnel of Love, visit the Bat Cave, tour Marigot Bay, snorkel on "Golden Reef" with sleeping Turtles, arriving eventually at Soufriere. Here jump in a taxi to see waterfalls, rainforest trails, the volcano, including a roll in the mud and rinse off in a red-hot bath. Lunch and drinks are usually included. Stop for more snorkelling on the way back. 

 Whilst  there are several named snorkelling sites, the advantage of the private tour is that you can set your own itinerary, and if feeling adventurous step (fin) outside of the usual locations, such as Anse Cochon, Anse Chastenet & Jalousie beach, as they are not frequented by the Party Cats and other standard  tours, and therefore more populous in coral and fish. Examples being: - Golden Reef, Virgin Cove, Lesleen M, Anse Cochon, Rosemond Trench, Anse Chastanet, Fairyland, Trou Diable, Keyhole Pinnacles, Piton Wall & Jalousie beach.  Top Tip: Splash out on a water-proof housing for your digital camera -  better than the water-proof 35mm snap cameras, and after a couple of holidays you'll have broken even.  It can be an idyllic day for just two, but these boats will take several couples if you want to share the cost.


2. Private Yacht Charter, for a much more relaxed days cruising from either the North or South end of the Island. Departing the dock, you can cruise to a deserted location where you can swim and snorkel, and then have the included lunch on the boat in the shadow of the magnificent Pitons. On the way back, and for the adventurous, try drift snorkelling over the Keyhole Pinnacles and jump into 150ft of Blue/Black water to float over these amazing mini reefs.