It is well worth spending a day at Pigeon Island National Park laying under the palms, tanning on the beach, snorkelling or kayaking in the surf or hiking around the park to the Atlantic shoreline or the calmer Caribbean Sea side of the island. The hike from Pigeon Island beach meanders along the tree lined shore past an open air bar and up through the bushes to a set of numerous steps with a viewpoint landing and further on up a flight of steps to the top of Fort Rodney with it's old cannons, stone walls, water catcher and hiding dungeon. The view from here is magnicient back towards Pigeon Beach and Sandals Resort with the blue waters of the Atlantic crashing along the left side of the causeway and the blue-green Caribbean waters lapping the white sandy shoreline on the right side of the causeway to Pigeon Island. One can view sailboats sailing over the rollers of the meeting of the two waters and out towards Martinique. The lush green hills contrast with the blue-green Caribbean waters that lap the white sandy beaches lined with palms. There are numerous birds flying through the shrubs and trees and magnificent frigatebirds soaring on the thermal updrafts over the white capped rollers of the Atlantic Ocean. The hike can take you from Fort Rodney further up to the tallest summit on Pigeon Island at Signal Hill. There are signposts with information about the history, geography and the culture of the region. The hike can take you back to Pigeon Beach and around to the Atlantic side of the island under magnificent palms with scenic backdrops of crashing rollers and hillsides speckled with white houses. A very enjoyable place to spend a day in the sun and surf of the Caribbean near St. Lucia at Pigeon Island National Park.The hike up to Fort Rodney can be quite breezy which makes for an enjoyable climb in the heat of the midday sun.