A tourist who has spent a week at a small hotel eating asopao (gumbo) may want to find a gym as quickly as possible. Look no further than Ponce and the surrounding area for a variety of outdoor sports and activities.

Kayaking through small tidepools can be both a relaxing and challenging sport. Some companies offer night-time excursions into the bioluminescent bays. Cue all DVD's to Disney films where the water illuminates to set a romantic mood. This is a familiar example of bioluminescence.

If simply skimming the surface of the Caribbean is not sufficient, consider a scuba diving adventure. The usual offshore visibility is over 100 feet. Novice and advanced divers will appreciate the extensive spectrum of aquatic life. Octopus, numerous reef, and other treasures thrive beneath the surface.

There are also sports and activities for travelers who simply do not want to immerse themselves in the water. Nearby natural preserves and parks provide an outdoor hiking and climbing gym. A short trip to nearby Caja de Muertos, a beautiful natural preserve, only 6 miles from Ponce. A hike to the light house provides a truly beautiful view of Puerto Rico. It can be reached only on weekends via ferry.  Truly a wonderful way to spend the day in Ponce.