Beaches - PUERTO RICO ( Puerto Rico Top 10 beaches )

  1. MONA ISLAND- Pájaros and Sardinera.  Mona Island is considered the Galápagos Island of the Caribbean.  You can not visit Mona during the hunting season (January - April); most tours are offered from May through November.  To visit the island you need permits from the Natural Resources and Envirnomental Department.   No hotels, restaurants or attractions, just for camping and wildlife observation purposes.  If you go, you need to contact a tour operator for a guided safe walk/hike around the island. 
  2. CULEBRA ISLAND - Flamenco, Culebrita Island, Luis Peña, Zoní.  The only camping area is located in Flamenco Beach, which at the same time is a Blue Flag Beach.  To go to Culebra, you need to take a plane from San Juan or Fajardo Airports or the ferry boat from Fajardo. 
  3. VIEQUES ISLAND- La Chiva (Blue Beach), Sun Bay; other beaches:  Caracas (Red Beach), Media Luna, Navío.  To go to Vieques you need to take a plane from San Juan or Fajardo Airports or the ferry boat from Fajardo.  Vieques is also known for the bioluminiscent bay at Mosquito Bay.  View the beaches at
  4. CABO ROJO - Balneario Boquerón .  Palms galore at Boqueron Bay. Boqueròn Beach is a picture perfect beach beautifully framed by tall palm trees packed with coconuts; Combate - The Beach "El Combate" is one of the locals favorites and famous for parties. Take a dive into the blue calm waters from the dock or just relax and take on the sights of sailboats cruising and of course experience the famous breathtaking sunsets of Cabo Rojo; Playa Buyé - f you ask someone about Buyé Beach, you will most likely get a sigh of "Ahhh, Buyé" The Beach of Buyé is one of the prettiest beaches in the pueblo of Cabo Rojo. The clear calm light blue water with soft white sand are postcard perfect. Perfect spot for snorkeling; Playuela (Playa Sucia) Named many times the most scenic beach on the island of Puerto Rico. Calm beach cove with stunning views of the lighthouse, cliffs and fine white sand.
  5. LUQUILLO - Balneario de la Monserrate( Luquillo Beach)
  6. LUQUILLO- Northeast Corridor ( For a quiet walk along a deserted beach this is the place to go before they build a new hotel here (or maybe not if the Sierra club is able to stop it). Turtles nest on this beach.  This undiscovered beach can be one of your most relaxing days of exploring.
  9. Crash Boat Beach (Tiburones) - AGUADILLA :This beach is about 30 min drive from the college-town of Mayaguez. It is very clean and the water is clear. It's very quiet, so don't expect too much going on, but there is a bar and a few stands selling a popular snack called pinchos aka grilled pork on a stick. 
  11. EL ALAMBIQUE - ISLA VERDE  -ALL INCLUSIVE BEACH BREAK a great option for cruise ship passengers looking for a beautiful beach for the day
  14. DORADO - DORADO SARDINARA BEACH - Magnificent public beach has reef offshore, varied bars and restaurants.  Off Rt. 693 just before gas station in Costa de Oro urbanization. 
  15. SHACKS  - ISABELA Shacks Beach / Playa Shacks, also known as Bajuras, is a fairly quiet little corner of the island, but with many stellar attributes: excellent conditions for snorkeling, windsurfing and surfing are at the top of the list.  It's pretty much the northeastern terminus of the surfing wonderland that wraps around the island from Rincon on the western coast. The beach right at Shacks isn't spectacular, but it's nice, with coconut-palm shade and sand, and rocky tidepools to stomp around in beach shoes and see all the little tiny shells and fish.  The BLUE HOLE Coral Reef is a glorious place to snorkel, scuba, SUP and freedive. Underwater caves and caverns are home to many species of coral and fish. Also, manatees visit annually. Shacks Beach sunsets are arguably some of the best on the Island. There are several levels of accommodation available in Bajuras @shacksbeach, from Top Rated - Villa Tropical's Oceanfront Apartment Rentals (, to the Villa Montana Resort, to private villas available for short or longer term stays.;
  16. SURVIVAL - ISABELA  It is a lovely and secluded beach for anyone to spend a few hours away from the daily grind, whether it's work or the hectic pace of many vacations.  Survival is just west of Shacks, above, and is best visited as the end of a long beach walk, while staying in one of the several places along the Shacks-Jobos stretch of the coast.  The walk, and the beach, end rather dramatically at the foot of a cliff which is the border of the former Ramey Air Force Base, currently U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen.  There is tropical almond, coconut and other native greenery in a fairly lush forest down to the beach, although in the past few years, parts of the island, including Survival, have seen the intrusion of kudzu.  Another great way to see the beach is on horseback, with trail rides from Tropical Trail Rides right next door to the Villa Montana resort and a short walk from Villa Tropical and a couple of other lodging places.  The horses there are wonderful and the guides as well, and it is a great way to see a secluded place safely and comfortably.
  17. Playa Montones - Isabela
  18. PUNTA TUNA - MAUNABO   Punta Tuna The warm, unspoiled and untamed blue and green waters of the beaches of Maunabo are one of its major attractions. The three beaches (Los Bohios, Los Pinos and Playa Punta Tuna) are mostly visited by the locals all year round. The beaches also attract tourists that explore other regions beyond San Juan and other major cities. Surfers love these wild and dangerous waters. The Punta Tuna beach is also known by the locals as Playa Escondida or the "hidden beach", crowned by the Punta Tuna Lighthouse on one side and separated from the main road by lush sea grape trees on the other. The beach is only accessible by foot through a short dusty road.  Punta Tuna is a beautiful coarse sand beach with quartz material mixed in with the base sand.  This gives the beach a golden color durring some sun positions.

  19. ESCAMBRON - SAN JUAN (Blue Flag Beach) Beach just minutes away from Old San Juan, can see the tip of El Morro. Right next to the surfing point La Ocho (the Eight).