Beyond some basic souvenirs like t-shirts and the usual resort gifts, you’ll have to venture beyond Runaway Bay to do any serious shopping, but the island of Jamaica is filled with bargains where you can buy some of the good stuff. But the savvy shopper also knows to visit the local grocery stores, where rum, coffee, and other local items are typically cheaper than even the duty free stores at the airport.

Throughout the island the locals will sell many home made items, and woodcarvings are among the most popular. Be sure to haggle a bit because the first price is typically never the final price! Also look over the carvings and make sure you’re getting quality before you buy.

The sale of black and white coral is banned in Jamaica, so don’t buy any items made of these if they’re offered. You could face a fine and the items will be confiscated. Likewise, Cuban cigars are available, but U.S. citizens shouldn’t attempt to bring them back home as they are banned in the United States.

Of course don’t end any shopping spree without bringing home some of the Blue Mountain coffee. This is what visitors and locals alike consider the best. there is a gift store named island lfe designs in front of Decameron Club Caribbean hotel and a wonderful designer named Taniesh she will measure you up and make clothes in authentic Jamaican fabrics of your choice also you can personalize your gifts which makes your trip all the more comforting.