Port Antonio visitors will find that they quickly get oriented to the area.  It is relatively compact and getting around is fairly easy.  This is aided by the fact that the basic neighborhoods of the city are all directionally titled, meaning that there is a West neighborhood, and East neighborhood and so on.

The main street running through the city, and the one which important offices like the Tourist Information Center are located on, is called Harbour Street.  The main neighborhood west of this is the West Harbour.  The major landmark there by which travelers can orient themselves is the clock tower.  The main neighborhood east of the street is, of course, the East Harbour.

The main neighborhoods travelers need to know other than these directional neighborhoods are the city center and Titchfield ( http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction... ).  The former is the downtown area which is the place where most of the local attractions are at and the neighborhood sectioned off by Harbour Street.  The latter is a residential neighborhood which visitors often like to explore for the beautiful landscape of the architecture there.

Travelers should also know about Navy Island ( http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction... ), a small island located just off of the harbor coast.  This neighborhood is allowed no visitors but is often viewed from the shore by travelers who know the history of the area.