Located in the idyllic community of Fairy Hill, Winnifred Beach is just a few miles east of Port Antonio. It's one of the few public beaches in the area and known as 'the beach Jamaicans go to'. The road to get there is a little rough, but can be done in a regular car and is worth the trip for the authentic vibe. A charming escape, and a popular local hangout, Winnifred is the perfect Sunday retreat for an ocean swim and a cookout. Winnifred is also known as the Rasta beach because of the Rastafarians who frequent the area and keep it in pristine condition, and can cook you a mean Ital stew! It is a good size, but can get busy on summer weekends, with locals coming out to gather. There is a little restaurant called Cynthia's set back from the beach at the far end, which has great cooking with local dishes such as chicken, fish or lobster with rice and peas going for around $500 Jamaican a dish. There are a couple of bars on the beach with rum and beers, along with a few vendors selling Jamaican crafts - low/no pressure. The regulars are friendly and interesting. As of December 2010, the locals are struggling to keep Winifred Beach free access to all, as developers are seeking to move in. See: www.free-winnifred.com