If you are planning a trip to Port Antonio Jamaica here a few points, it is hoped this help you to enjoy your Port antonio alot better. 

If you need pick up from the Kingston or Montego Airport to Port Antonio, Attractions Link is quite remarkable at this.

Find affordable accommodation there is quite alot, Ivanhoe, OCean Crest on the Peninsula, Frenchmans Cove, Moon San.

There is also Hotel Mocking Bird Hill and Goblin  Hill Villas, Villas in San San

When you get there, first you need to relax unwind and get either a cold red strip or a cup of Blue Mountain coffee. Then you MUST:

Ask about Ackee and salt fish (seasonal) for breakfast.

Go to Winnifred's Beach and Boston Bay relax and enjoy food on the beach.

Discover the natural beauty of Restoration Village Farm and its surroundings through a guided tour. On the tour you’ll be enlightened about the tree that produces cocoa pods that are used to make chocolate, why breadfruit is so plentiful and much more.  Sample a farm hand style lunch as a part of the tour. Enjoy a fresh jelly coconut water.  Relax by the wading pool in the stream known as Mongoose Spring.  Click here to learn more about a Restoration Village Farm.

Blue Mountain Hiking/Sightseeing Tour with Attractions Link .

Check out Dikki's for dinner at least one evening (must have a reservation).

Woody's great for dinner or lunch, Ms Cherry a rather pleasant lady.

Enjoy  Anna banana's for dinner.

Go Rafting on the  Rio Grande

Enjoy a day at Frenchmans Cove(lunch right there on the beach)

Hiking is a must in this area with such fine vegetation

Reach Falls 

Rock bottom in the Market, for gifts or souvenirs (reasonable prices) the entrance is close to the Library