Here are some favorite places in Negril to have a great meal.

  • $ Sweet Spice- Sheffield Road (otherwise known as "the Road to Sav"
  • $ Mama Flo’s- beach
  • $ Cosmos- beach
  • $$ Legends- beach
  • $ Bourbon Beach - beach
  • $ 3 Dives- cliffs
  • $$ LTU- cliffs
  • $ Sips & Bites - cliffs
  • $ Original Rough House Health Food & Juice Lab
  • $$ Jus Natural
  • $$ SeaStar (Tykes or SeaStar Lane)
  • $ Royal Kitchen
  • $ TJs (PeeWee Lane)

These are road side joints but so delicious for a quick lunch:

  • The Best in the West Jerk Chicken- across from Coco La Palm on Norman Manley Boulevard
  • Rasta Roddy’s Ital-cliffs across from Tensing Pen
Or if you would rather a more Jamican feel of "dining out"
  • Banana's on Norman Manley Blv (just over the bridge)
  • Original Rough House Health Food & Juice Lab (Vegetarian Restaurant; organic juices, veggie burgers & cheese, soy cream)
  • Red Dragon - downtown (ask a local for specific location) - known for GREAT jerk pork
  • Sharks Restaurant - cliffs (next to Alice's Restaurant, across from Tensig Pen) very likkle family-run place
  • De Bar - cliffs - small jerk place run by brother of 3 Dives

For a higher end dining experience, say for a special occassion, try these:

  • Norma's @ Sea Splash Hotel (beach)    
  • Kuyaba (beach)    
  • LTU (West End)
  • Rockhouse    (Gorgeous cliffs views, great food, very romantic, beautiful sunsets)
  • The Hungry Lion (Ital not Italian but Ital as in Rastafarian, all natural, vegetarian)
  • Risorante Da Gino's @ Mariposa (beach)  
  • Le Vendome @ Charela Inn (beach)   

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          Norma's @ Sea Splash

  Rockhouse Restaurant