There is plenty of nightlife in Negril. The Jungle is the closest thing in Negril to an American style dance club, though it plays more Jamaican dancehall or hip hop reggae. You’re in Jamaica, not in a city at home. Most of the clubs are more towards the local flavor. It’s safe to venture out in Negril at night, just keep your wits about you and stick to the main strip. It’s like any city. Don’t wander out alone. Don’t walk the beach alone at night. Most of the clubs listed below are more beach type clubs. On the beach you will find many places with reggae bands enjoyed by locals and tourist alike.

Monday - Bourbon Beach (beach), Happy Mondays at Ricky’s motors (roundabout) Jamaican dancehall with DJ, Coral Seas garden (beach) has a band.

Tuesday - Alfreds (beach) offers live music, MiYard has a live DJ.

Wednesday - Roots Bamboo (beach) has live reggae, Rocky Wednesdays at On The Rocks Bar (cliffs).

The One Love Bus Pub Crawl is offered every Wednesday afternoon with free pickup and return drop off from your hotel.

Thursday - Bourbon Beach, Seawinds offers a buffet with live music, Sunset's on the Beach has live music, ladies night at The Jungle (beach) might just be the best club experience you'll ever have, Jazz at Charela (beach).

Friday - Alfreds (beach) has live music, Alice's Restaurant (cliffs) local live band with a variety of vocalists. Request night at Easy Rock Internet Cafe(cliffs).

Saturday - Bourbon Beach, The Jungle, Sea Star (cliffs) offers a Jerk buffet with a live band and African drummers (free shuttle there and home), The Boat Bar (beach) has a live band with a great variety of musicians on stage.

Sunday - Alfreds (beach), Root’s Bamboo for Sunday jazz, Palms (beach) has Jazz Night, Cafe Goa offers brunch, Lighthouse Inn (cliffs) has brunch.

The Jungle is open very late, or early into the am. The Jungle gets better when the other clubs and shows close at 2AM. It’s pure Jamaican dancehall with hip hop and dance hits mixed in but it’s not always the newest music. It can get very crowded and very hot, but you can always escape to the open air roof deck where things are more mellow.

Popular Bars

Some popular bars include the following, but there are many many more:

* Boat Bar - $200J Red Stripes (beach)
* Canoe - Happy Hour 2 to 6pm - 2 for 1 cocktails, 5 or 6 varieties (cliffs, close to roundabout)
* Coco LaPalm - 2 for one Happy Hour from 5 to 7PM every night but Monday (beach)
* Firefly - $170J Red Stripes (the small, clothing optional hotel on the beach)
* Legends - Happy Hour 4 to 7PM (beach)
* Rockhouse - Happy Hour 6 to 7pm (cliffs)
* SeaStar Inn - Happy Hour 4 to 6pm (cliffs)
* SamSara - Happy Hour 4 to 7PM (cliffs)
* SunBeach - $170J Red Stripes (beach)
* Sunnyside Bar (Yellow and Green with bench seating - next to Rooms on the Beach Negril) - 150J Red Stripe Beers, small little place,
* White Sands - Mondays $170J Red Stripe Beers – daily drink specials 1 to 4 PM
* Wild Parrot – sunset happy hour 5 to after sunset
* YellowBird - Happy Hour 9AM to 6PM on da beach – 2 dirty bananas for $5

Negril Nightlife & Party Schedule

These are some of the most popular clubs in Negril, but there are more:

* Alfreds for Live Music on Sunday 10PM to 2PM, Tuesday nights 10PM to 2PM and Friday nights 10PM to 2PM $500J's admission - drinks and beers $200J's
* Bourbon Beach has Ladies Night on Monday at with live music 8:30PM to 2AM; live music Wednesday nights 8:30PM t0 2AM and no coverage charge usually; and live concert 9PM to 2AM on Saturday Nights
* Canoe Bar and Grill - Thursday afternoons for live steel drum music (6 to 9pm)
* Cafe Goa on Sunday for Brunch on da beach road with live music
* Charela Inn blues on Thursday nights on da beach, Jamaican folk dancers/entertainment on Saturday nights 7 to 9pm
* Idle Awhile restaurant (Chill Awhile) Friday night buffet (can order from menu) and live music show
* Jungle on Thursday nights for Ladies Night (no cover for women) on da beach road 10PM till everyone leaves (late party place, usually till 4AM) Young locals and mix of tourists. DJ, dance club place; Saturday is open bar or "all inclusive" they call it there all night...and ladies get in free from 9 to 10pm only.
* LTU on the Cliffs DJ on Friday nights
* Margaritaville upstairs on Fridays from 10PM to 2AM $1000J's all you can drink DJ's
* MiYard for live DJ's on da West End Road late Tuesday nights till sunrise – open 24 Hours
* Palms has jazz on Sunday evenings with no admission cost
* Roots Bamboo on Wednesday nights for live Reggae concert on da beach 10PM to 2AM
* SeaStar Inn on da Cliffs on Saturday nights for $20 for the buffet and entertainment - free pickup and dropoff
* SeaWind on Thursday nights has a dinner buffet with live music and show
* Sunset's on the Beach on Thursday nights for 2-4-1 Redstripes and rum plus free live music.
* White Sands on the beach during the day on Mondays has $170J Red Stripe Beers; daily drink specials


Love Bus Pub Crawl on the Cliffs every Wednesday afternoon, usually Fridays, and sometimes other nights if there’s enough people (pickup begins at 2:30PM, return after sunset) with free pickup and drop off; email Lenbert (best to do before leaving home) at; or call: 874-6631, no charge but tips welcome.



 Risky Business  

For sunsets the cliffs can’t be beat. Check out Pirate’s Cave, where you can watch divers jump into the waters 35 feet below, or dive yourself.

Jumping from Pirates Cave  

Or go up to Rick’s Cafe . Wild Thing is a catamaran cruise that goes out for sunset cruises to the cliffs (Rick’s). You get an open bar on the boat and some time to snorkel and play at Rick’s.

Wild Thing       

For those who don’t want to go back to your room at closing, there is Mi Yard on the cliffs, , which is open 24/7, or on the beach there is 23/7 New Nation bar. Also to be noted is MXIII in the cliffs, it has live shows, just look for the signs. Signs will be posted up and down both the beach and cliffs road for upcoming shows. Just keep your eye out.