Vacationers will find warm weather in Negril throughout the year.  Summer high temperatures are around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with night time lows near 75. Winter high temperatures are around 86 degrees, with night time lows of 67.

The rainy season is typically between June and October, characterized by short bursts of heavy rains throughout the day.  This period is also known as the hurricane season, and it is not uncommon for major tropical storms to hit the island.

Resort prices tend to be lower during the rainy season and higher in the winter and the early spring.  May is often recommended as an ideal time to visit, striking a balance between the weather and the cost.

At this time of the year (July) the weather is just beautiful. Clear blue skies from early in the morning & very fresh everywhere. It rains buckets every couple of days for 1 to 30 minutes then out pops the sun again! Everywhere is so luscious because it is rainy season and the colours of the vegetation and the flowers are just stunning!