Getting to and from the airport:  Some hotels and travel agencies will arrange this for you.  I would recommend having your ride arranged before you arrive at the airport.  When you walk out of the airport there are so many people there wanting to take you where you need to go and you don't know who to trust so it's good to have this figured out before you get there.  A few suggestions:  Junior Forrester (876) 885-0652--he has a big bus and can accommodate several passengers.  You can negotiate a price when you call and it is recommended that you do this beforehand and plan on a nice tip, especially if the driver makes extra stops along the way for you.  Or book with Negril One Stop and the cost is $110 round trip. 

Getting around Negril:  You can walk fairly safely around Negril.  The most danger is the crazy traffic and narrow roads.  Just exercise caution when walking along the side of the road especially on the narrow west end roads.  You can also rent a scooter or pedal bicycle from local shops there.  The scooter is recommended over the bicycle, just because you are more visible to cars and can go faster to keep up with traffic.  A bike helmet is included in the rental fee which is roughly $40/day but can be negotiated.  Two trusted spots, although there are probably more, are Tykes Bike Rentals and Gas Bike Rentals.   You can also take a taxi, which are the cars with the red license plates.  White license plates are individually owned vehicles and some locals will try to make an extra buck by trying to do taxi service but they are not registered as taxi drivers and it's not a good idea to take them up on the offers for obvious reasons.  Green license plates are autos for commercial use.  Just remember to negotiate a price before you get into the taxi.  A good price from your hotel to Negril city center is $10-15 round trip.   Always give a good tip. Some drivers will ask if you'll use their service the whole time you are there and if you feel comfortable with them, why not?  It's nice to see a familiar face, to make a friend and get to know the Jamaican culture.

 Getting to local attractions:   Some drivers will take you where ever you want to go. The more people you have in a group though, the cheaper your ride will be.  Especially when you're going long distances, for instance from Negril to the Black River or YS Falls.  You can take the advice of your hotel.  Usually they are affiliated with a trusted group of drivers.  Otherwise, Junior Forrester, listed above, is a good recommendation.