The weather of Ocho Rios is beautiful all year long and so there really is not a bad time for travelers to visit the area.  The temperature remains virtually the same all year long, with the average high temperature staying between eighty five and ninety degrees and the average low temperature staying between seventy five degrees and eighty degrees.  The warm evenings makes it possible to enjoy the beaches at night, a trait which is particularly enjoyed by travelers in the winter months who are coming from cold destinations.

There is no particular rainy season in Ocho Rios.  This is because the Ocho Rios area is protected by the surrounding landscape, with the mountains on the northern side blocking most Jamaican storms from the area.  Ocho Rios averages one to two inches of rain per month, with a slight increase sometimes occurring briefly during the month of May and again during the early months of fall.

The sun rises and sets at approximately the same time all year long, with sunrise being approximately five thirty in the morning and sunset being approximately six thirty in the evening.  This consistent schedule and the year-round good weather make it possible to nearly always catch a beautiful sky landscape during an Ocho Rios vacation.

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