Spanish Town

    This historic city was the capital of Jamaica under Spanish and British rule before the government moved its offices to Kingston in 1872. Today, Spanish Town sits on the western outskirts of Kingston. The town boasts a distinctive mix of Spanish and British Georgian architecture. Attractions include the cathedral of St. Jago de la Vega , the oldest Anglican church outside of England. There is also the Jamaican People's Museum of Crafts and Technology, which houses tools and artifacts crafted by Jamaicans such as musical instruments and farming tools. Visit the lively market in the town square to get a unique glimpse of the Jamaican lifestyle.

Blue Mountains

    The inland mountains of Jamaica are perhaps known most for being one the best coffee-producing regions in the world. They also offer ample opportunity for outdoor adventure and should thrill nature lovers. Many hiking trails wind through the lush jungle--past flowing waterfalls and brillian gardens--including one popular trail that goes to the summit of Blue Mountain Peak, the largest point on Jamaica at around 7,400 feet. Guided tours are available, as are mountain biking excursions. These tours can be arranged through travel agencies in Kingston.

Port Royal

    The road from the mainland to Port Royal gives wonderful panoramic views. On the left is the Caribbean Sea: on the right the expanse of Kingston Harbour the city of Kingston, with Long Mountain and the Blue Mountains providing a dramatic backdrop. 

     Port Royal itself is a very historic site. It was the original capital of Jamaica, before Spanish Town then Kingston. Fort Charles is still very complete and an admission fee not only gives the freedom to explore the fort, but access to an interesting small museum. Much of the town walls are still in tact and pass behind St Peter's Church (1725). The church is often locked but inside are memorials to British sailors, some mere boys, who died in Jamaica and a magnificent organ loft. The churchyard is also worthy of exploration.


Take a boat trip out to the small Cay Islands..Lime cay can be accessed by boat taxi from Morgans Harbour $700JA return(march09)

beautiful views across the sea to Kingston 

Natures Paradise Mineral Spring

Just a short drive west of town in the area of caymanas park turn right signposted from the main highway, follow the road along the river till you come upon this gated Rasta run camp. $100JA to enter. a beautiful natural mineral spring emptys into a natural swimming pool. great day out, deserted during the week soundsystem at weekends, food & drink available


     Hellshire Beach 

Hellshire Beach is a favourite haunt of Kingstonians on weekends. Visiting it gives a very Jamaican experience, far differnt to the sterile international character of the north coast tourist resort beaches. Some of the finest cooked fish and festival dumpling are found here.

There are 2 beaches. Port Henderson is run by the UDC & charges admission$200JA & for sun loungers $400JAyou will find 2 fish fry stands & good changing & toilet facilities.

The Public beach is free has sound sytems at the weekend & prendys on the beach for fish & festival