There is plenty to do at night in Ocho Rios.  One of the most popular tourist destinations is Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville.  It is right on the beach and there is a pool with a waterslide and a hot tub right in the club/restaurant.  They have a full menu for lunch and dinner and a full bar.  On most nights, this place is a great club to go to listen to music and dance.  It is an open-air venue with half of the area under a roof and half out in the open.  On Wednesday nights, they have a beach party.  If you wear beach attire, it only costs $10 to get in and this includes all you want to drink (with some exclusions) from 9:00pm til 1:00am.  If you do not wear beach attire, it costs you $20 to get in.  On this night, the pool and waterslide are open and you can dive in whenever you get hot from dancing and partying.  They play a mixture of music from local reggae to popular rap, R & B, and pop music.

Evita's Italian Restaurant, overlooking Ocho Rios, on Saturdays, features a Latin Party Night which starts at 11 pm and ends at 4 am. Alexi, the DJ,  plays all the latest Latin hits, including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton and has a following of patrons who are from Cuba, Dominican Repubilc, Spain, Mexico and other South American countries. When they 'hit' the floor, you see some 'fancy stepping' and, can either join or just watch. There is no cover charge.

If you want to venture out and try some of the more local clubs, you have a lot of choices.  Some popular ones include Amnesia on Main Street, The Roof, and Club Strawberry, both on James Avenue. Also on James Avenue is The Roof, very Jamaican and not for the faint hearted. .  Each of the clubs has it's own specials on certain nights.  For example, on Thursdays, Amnesia has Ladie's Night where all ladies get in free.  Check with any of the locals to find out which club is happening on any given night as these things change.  Amnesia is half indoors and half outdoors with a bar in each area.  The Roof is up two flights of stairs and is open-air but with a roof over the entire club.  Strawberry is completely indoors. 

Montego Bay Nightlife is hopping with Margaritaville. The dJ,s really know how to get the vibe going and the entertainment team works the crowd as well. On Thursdays and Saturdays there is a live band on the Sunset Deck of the club so you have two forms of entertainment.

Next to Margaritaville nights club and Maguerites fine dining restaurant is Blue Beat Jazz bar. The club has Live music Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. They have Jazz music playing and videos all week long. On other nights they have comedy shows and other events. Groovy Grouper on a friday night has a great Jamaican All you can eat fish fry and seafood buffet with live entertainment. They are open at night and once a month do a Full moon party that is upscale on goes until..... Pier 1 is a great place to party on a Friday night.  Great mix of locals and tourists.   There are also plenty of restaurants on the hip strip in Montego Bay to enjoy.