The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), founded in 1955, is Jamaica’s national tourism agency based in the capital city of Kingston. The JTB was declared the Caribbean’s Leading Tourist and Convention Bureau by the World Travel Awards (WTA) from 2006 to 2008, while Jamaica earned the WTA’s vote as the World’s Leading Cruise Destination, the Caribbean’s Leading Destination and the Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Destination.                                                       

In Jamaica the JTB offices are located in Kingston and Montego Bay. Overseas offices are located in Miami, Toronto, and London. Representative offices are located in Düsseldorf, Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, New Delhi, Beijing, and Tokyo. 

For details on upcoming special events, attractions and accommodations in Jamaica go to the Jamaica Tourist Board’s official Web site at You can call the Jamaica Tourist Board toll free at 1-800-JAMAICA (1-800-526-2422) in the United States and at (800) 465-2624 in Canada.