Common Jamaican Phrases:

Hello is typically - Yah Mon (or Man), Respect, Yeah Yeah, Whaapen,(what's happenin') Y'allright?, Whattagwan (what is going on?), are all common greetings.

Responses to the above may be the same, or phrases such as "Mi deh ya" (I am there),
"Look pon you de bettah one", "Not as good as you"(in response to 'You allright?"), Cool, everyting criss, Kopustetic, Give Tanks, Bless, and many others.


Good bye maybe a phrase such as Respect, Jah Bless, Likkle more



To eat is to "nyam" - The favorite meat of most Jamaican meat eaters seems to be chicken - 

 Favorite styles of cooking it include Brown Stew, Fried, or Jerked.


Patties are delicious - they are a light flaky pastry, filled with a meat or vegetable mixture - sometimes hot and spicy, but almost always delicious!

“having it” – In a restaurant, that typically means are you eating here or taking it to go?
Pepper typically means the bottled hot pepper sauce, if you want Black ground pepper, ask for Black pepper.
Milk typically refers to Sweetened condensed milk (delicious in coffee) – Cow’s milk or Box milk refers to the type of milk one would find in the US.   However, it is sold in long life containers on the shelf in the store.
Tea – any hot liquid – tea, coffee, cocoa.


Most traditional dishes often have bones in them – it is not a crime to pick them out of your mouth and place them to the side of your plate.