Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and well worth a visit.  There are some interesting places to visit, like Devon House, Bob Marley Museum,University of the West Indies and others.  While in Kingston, one should definitely go out to Port Royal (home of the famous Captain Morgan), once the capital, before most of the old capital slipped into the sea as a result of earthquakes, and the capital moved to Spanish Town, and later moved to Kingston. In Port Royal it is possible to see remains and damage done by earthquakes.  A trip to Spanish Town would prove interesting.  While in Kingston, it is possible to do day trips into the Blue Mountains , which is indeed a spectacular experience.  There are many interesting places to visit on the South Coast, Milk River Bath, world famous mineral bath, Black River, and Treasure Beach, to name only a few, and certainly worth the trip.

momwrong,Ja.26 June 2006