While visiting Jamaica, it is a good idea to spend some time in the Ocho Rios area.  There are many hotels, villas and condos to chose from, catering to couples, singles, families and self-catering.  The reason I suggest Ocho Rios is because it is so central and within easy reach of so many attractions that are a must for tourists.  A must to visit is Dunns River Falls.  Do not be afraid to climb the Falls (and if you do not want to buy the special shoes they offer, you can climb the Falls in your bare feet, or even a pair of sneakers).  If you are timid about doing it by yourself, there are guides to help and direct you.  Just standing under the Falls at the bottom is quite an experience, as the cold water of the Falls meet up with the warm water of the Ocean.  It is well worth a visit to Dolphin Cover, where you can swim with the Dolphins (a reservation is required), and the Plantation Tours are very educational.  Ocho Rios has a large selection of good restaurants, and the view from most is quite spectacular.  From the central point of Ocho Rios, to the East, is Port Antonio, 'home' of Rafing on the Rio Grande, The Blue Hole, Somerset Falls, Navy Island and many other attractions, and the Jerk Pork on Boston Beach is reported to be the best.  However, do not forget 'Rafting on the Martha Brae' which is a shorter version of the Rio Grande, taking just over an hour on a much more gentle ride, compared to 3 hours plus doing the Rafting on the Rio Grande.  Martha Brae is located on the other side of Ocho Rios, towards Montego Bay, in the Falmouth area.

Momwrong, Jamaica. 26 June 2006