Remember these things, keep a level-headed perspective and you should have an INCREDIBLY fulfilling and enjoyable vacation...

1- You will see people living in what can be very impoverished looking conditions, some are truly in dire straits, but most are thankful for what they have and are peaceful of mind, regardless of their circumstances. If you search your heart, you'll find an indescribable sense of inspiration from most of the people of Jamaica.

2- You will most likely be approached on a fairly regular basis (depending on where you are) to do business with people selling any and all of the following: ganga (marijuana), artwork, jewelry, clothing, fruit/vegetables, drinks, aloe for your sunburn, braids for your hair, transportation, guidence and directions... Depending on the area you're in you may also be approached to buy hard drugs. Most areas it will not be nearly as common as you might be led to believe.

Almost universally, if you are respectful and simply say no thank you to anything you're offered that doesn't interest you there will be no problem. Occasionally it may take a couple of "no's" before the vendor will give up, but most are quite respectful. Keep in mind that other than a rare exceptional few, these people are quite simply, honest, kind and resourceful people who just haven't been dealt a very good hand in life; who are trying to provide for their families.

3- Bring with you a ton of smiles and an ounce of respect, and you will return from Jamaica feeling like you've made an entire country's worth of new friends for life!