Many people wonder if duty free shopping is available at the airport in Montego Bay when they arrive in Jamaica. The simple answer is that there is a very small duty free 'shop' available when you arrive. At the airport as you go thru immigration, baggage claim, customs, and then enter the transportation hall where you can arrange transfers or check in at lounges provided by some resorts. Between immigration and baggage claim there is a small duty free 'shop' (two display cases in the hall) between immigration and baggage claim with a limited selection of items including cigarettes and liquor.

After customs you enter the transportation hall. In the center of the transportation hall there is a small cart from which you can purchase a limited range of souvenirs.

You exit the transportation hall in either of two ways. One way goes to the bus parking lot used mainly for prearranged transfers and groups. Here you will find a small bar with limited seating which sells beer, etc. by the bottle that you can take on your bus for the trip to your hotel. 


If you need to make a purchase of anything else you should ask your driver if a stop is possible on the way or wait until you arrive at your hotel to make the purchase.

The other exit door from the transportation hall goes to public taxi stand, airport parking lot, and passenger pickup area. Here you will find a very small refreshment stand with limited seating which sells a limited range of light refreshments.


You should ask your taxi driver to stop on the way to your destination to make any purchases (which will not be duty free).

If you are looking for duty free goods such as cigarettes or liquor for use in Jamaica you should also consider the following options: 1) purchase these items at a duty free shop at your departure (home) airport, 2) purchase the items on the flight to Jamaica (if duty free shopping is offered on your flight by the airline), or 3) bring the items with you from home (which will not be duty free). Cigarettes are imported and most forms of liquor, except for the many fine rums of Jamaica, are also imported. Jamaican government import duties and transportation costs greatly increase the cost of these imported items in Jamaica.


There are a large number of duty free shops in the departure area of the Montego Bay airport. These shops offer a very wide range of items for sale.