When is Spring Break?

There is no exact date for Spring break. Spring break traditionally starts about the last week in February and ends about the second week of April (it ends on Easter Sunday if Easter is after April 15). The exact dates vary by school. Most people on Spring break come to Jamaica in March.

Is Jamaica a Huge Spring Break Destination?

No. However, there are people who come to Jamaica for Spring break every year.

Where is Spring Break Held in Jamaica?

People on Spring break can be found in all parts of Jamaica. The largest numbers go to Negril.

What Type of People go on Spring Break?

There are two major groups. The first are families with their children. The children are mainly elementary school thru high school age. The second group consists of college age students, and a few students in high school, who come without their parents.

Transportation for Spring Break

Some Spring break travel packages include transfers from the Montego Bay airport to hotels and back if an air/hotel package is booked. If a package is not booked, there are numbers of tour companies in Jamaica that offer transfers from Montego Bay airport. Both group (seat on bus) and private transfers are offered. Private transfers are more expensive.

Where do People on Spring Break Stay? 

Some Spring breakers may be found at almost every hotel on the island. However, the number will vary wildly between resort hotels.

For parents with younger children expect to find them mainly in the islands 'family' oriented resorts. Examples include Beaches Resorts (multiple locations), Franklin D Resort, Sunset Beach Resort, and Holiday Inn.

For college age students expect to see them mainly at smaller 2 star and 3 star European plan hotels. At these hotels they often book four people in a room to reduce the cost per person. They can also be found at 'cabin' type properties because of their very low cost. Some Spring break travel agencies offer packages which include airfare to Jamaica, accommodations, and often other features such as transfers in Jamaica, onsite staff, parties, etc. (feature vary by tour operator so ask before booking).

Resorts for 'adult couples' only would have very few, and possibly no, Spring breakers. Most college students avoid these properties because of the age limits, the requirement of being a couple, and the higher cost of these resorts because there are only two people to a room. Examples include Couples Resorts (multiple locations) and Sandals Resorts (multiple locations). Most four star properties, because of the cost, will also have very few or no Spring breakers but may have a few families with small children. Examples include RIU Palace Tropical Bay and Half Moon.

Note: Some resort hotels in Jamaica have policies which prohibit people on Spring break. You may wish to ask a specific resort for their policy before booking, or not booking, that specific resort.

How Are Spring Break Vacations Booked?

There are a number of travel agencies that specialize in Spring break vacations. They can be found on the web or on the bulletin boards at most colleges. These travel agencies arrange flights, hotels, food, and in some cases entertainment options specifically oriented for the college age demographic.

Parents with younger children and some college students book via regular retail travel agents and Internet booking sites. Examples include Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelosity.

Are There Special Spring Break Events?

A limited number of special events are held during the Spring break period. Contact the Jamaican Tourist Board for a schedule of events in Jamaica.